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How to pay Singtel Bill
How to check the Singtel bill in Singapore?

Singtel is Singapore’s largest telecommunication company. Its focuses on providing mobile internet services across Singapore with the total user subscription crossing 4 million marks. Singtel da…

increase adsense ads clicks
How to increase Adsense Ads Clicks with Ad Inserter Pro

Do you want to know how to increase the Adsense Ads Clicks rate? Within 2 days of optimization, my daily Adsense earning from one website increase from $3-5 to $12-17 per day. What I did? I installed …

How to Change the Permalink of a Page or Post in WordPress
How to Change the Permalink of a Page or Post in WordPress?

Find out the best permalink settings for WordPress that help in SEO and website internal structure. Also, learn about the steps to change the permalink of a Page or Post in WordPress. What are Permali…

How much traffic my website gets?
How much traffic your website gets?

Learn how much traffic your website is getting?. This is essential in understanding the competiton and the position of your website. You’ll be in better position in anaylsing the website niche a…

best free seo plugins for wordpress 2020
Best Free SEO Plugin for WordPress 2020

I have listed the top 5 best free SEO plugin for WordPress 2020. These WordPress SEO Plugins will boost the website ranking to page 1 of Google. Use them to beat the competition and increase your traf…


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