How to Choose a Domain Name for a blog?

Just decided to start blogging?. The first step is to select the custom address for your blog. Learn how to choose a domain name for a blog that is SEO friendly and engaging.

Choosing a good domain name is very crucial as a bad domain name can negate blog strategy and SEO.

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7 Tips to Choose the Perfect Domain for Your Blog or Website

Avoid Exact Keywords

Keep in mind that it’s not a good idea to choose EXACT keywords in your domain name. Example: If your website is about mobile phone games then choosing the domain name will not give you a good ranking on google search. The point to understand is to use keywords but not the EXACT keywords in your domain name.

Use fewer Characters

Don’t create a domain name with too many characters as it’s difficult to remember, share, and understand. is not an intelligent move. Be smarter and use
Avoid grammar mistakes in the domain name.

Grammarly Correct

Avoid grammar mistakes in the domain name for a blog. A business or brand can choose some name that is not actually any word but for a blog, it is recommended to remain Grammarly correct.

No Hyphens and Numbers

Never use numbers and hyphens. They are not accepted well by Google.

Brand Name

Use the brand name as your domain name. Your domain name will speak for itself when your blog will be successful.

Example: has nothing to do with fruits or apples. The “Apple” brand is enough for users to understand.

Join Two Keywords

Joining two or three words is a good idea for the domain. Separate keywords will provide a better understanding of what is your blog all about. or

Country-Specific Domain

Use  Country specific  TLD to provide a better search ranking for that particular country. A top-level domain (TLD) is the last portion of a hostname or domain (such as “.com”).

A country-code TLD (ccTLD) is a domain name signaling that content relates to a certain country. Only opt for this technique if your content or business is only for that specific country.

Final Words

Remember ” Quality” of your content matters, not the domain name.

You can visit Godaddy or Namecheap to check the availability of the domain. Use tools like NameMesh for domain name generation.